Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thank you Snack Taxi!

We have started our service learning project: How to make less trash!  We have made a list of things that we throw away a lot and we are going to start learning some ways to reuse things (or choose to use reusable items) to create less trash.  We will then get to teach our families and community about it.  Yesterday we discussed snack trash.  We have a lot of it!  We decided if we had a reusable container for our snack trash, we would have less trash.  Snack Taxi ( was kind enough to donate reusable snack bags for the kids to have to help with this!  The kids are loving them and they are loving being world changers!

"I like my snack taxi bag because it is my favorite.  I don't have to throw any trash away.  And I like to put my hand in it to grab my snack out!"

"I like my snack taxi bag because it was a fun surprise!  I really really like it.  Thank you snack taxi!"

"I like my snack taxi bag because it hold all of my snacks.  Thank you for giving it to me!"

"I like my snack taxi bag because it helps you to not waste trash."

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