Monday, February 23, 2015

Thank you, BooginHead!

Our campaign continues as we learn new ways to make less trash!  This week we are discussing what it means to "Go Green" (some ideas were "lying in the grass and getting stains on your clothes", "riding on a unicorn to work", "being attached by a leprechaun", and "being so made that your face turns green"!)  We learned that it really means to make choices that help our world. A company called Booginhead ( helped us with this by donating reusable pouches for our food!  The kids are excited about them because they seem perfect for fruit or other "wet" foods because they won't leak through the container!

"You can put food in these and we can keep them and then we will be a world changer!"

"These will help the world because now we don't have to use other bags.  If I put juice or cheese in them I will wash them out and use them again. If they are wet I will wipe out eth drops with my reusable PeopleTowel. I think everyone needs to take care of the earth.  We should all go green and not make a lot of trash and we can also walk instead of ride in cars."

"These are awesome!  They can hold wet stuff and the orange one is so big! And you can reuse these over and over and over and over and over again.  This will save the world!"

"These bags help save our world because I can put my food in them then I don't have to throw them away and then I will make less trash."

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