Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thank you PeopleTowels!

We had a great discussion today on how to make less paper towel and napkin trash.  The kids came up with some great ideas! Their first question was if we could recycle paper towels and napkins.  Since we learned that you cannot recycle "ooey gooey" things, we thought that most of the time we would not be able to recycle them.  So, to still be able to use towels yet also make less trash we decided we could try not to be messy in the first place, only use a little bit of a paper towel and not a lot, and wipe our hand on our sleeves.  We were still concerned about what to do if we ate pancakes and syrup and we needed a towel for that.  This lead to a discussion of reusable towels and napkins that don't have to be thrown away. PeopleTowels ( donated reusable towels for our class to help us be world changers.  We can use them in our lunchbox, at dinner, or by our class sink so we will use less paper towels and napkins.  Thank you, PeopleTowels!

"I like my PeopleTowel because I can clean the whole world with it."

"I like my PeopleTowel because it will help us make less trash."

"I like my PeopleTowel because you can hang it up.  We will make less trash at school because we are going to put a hook by our sink and use one instead of paper towels!"

"I like my PeopleTowel because now I won't make as much trash.  I don't want them to have to make anymore holes for trash because then they will have to kick people out of their houses and that is mean."

"I like the keys on my PeopleTowel", says Eva and "I like the swirls", says Kate!

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