Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Learning about money!

We had Mrs. Michelle and Mr. Tom from Elevations Credit Union come to our class today and teach us about money!  It was so much fun to have visitors and learn new things!
Mrs. Michelle read us a Bearnstein Bears book about money!

We discussed needs vs. wants!

We talked about ways to earn money and ways to save money!

We learned who is on each different bill!

We got to look at a $2 bill with Thomas Jefferson on it!

We learned about self control/will power with this marshmallow activity.  Everyone got a marshmallow but they couldn't touch it or eat it for 15 minutes.  They knew if they accomplished that, then they would get an extra bigger marshmallow.  It was so hard but everyone succeeded!  We learned about a study that said that kids who can have will power in this instance grow up to handle money well!

Thank you Elevations Credit Union for coming to our class and for gifting us with these great pencils!

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