Friday, February 10, 2017

Cooking Club and a visit from the Queen!

We had a wonderful cooking club today with Mrs. Wheaton.  We made a necklace with 100 fruit loops on it.  The kids names it a "Snacklace"!!

We also had the Queen come teach our class today to talk about manners so we can prepare for our tea party!  The kids had a blast trying to figure out if it was the "real queen" or "just Mrs. Baker". I loved hearing all of their learning come out though as they explained to me that I am not their ruler anymore.  And they asked if I was alive during "the war" and if I liked George Washington or if I was mad at him!  They also told me they signed the Declaration of Independence really big like John Hancock and they hoped I wasn't mad!  We did have to tone things down a bit when I had a kid ask me to chop another kids head off because she didn't like what he was doing!

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