Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chippy the Elf

We have a new member of our class for the month of elf sent from Santa himself to report back all of the wonderful things we do!  We had a student decision maker choose the name and we think he really likes it! Unfortunately, the other day he was sitting awfully close to our projector screen and when I pulled it down he fell.  The kids were horrified (luckily one child hugged me and said she forgave me!)  The kids took great care of Chippy. Since we can't touch him we used paper to pick him up and put him on a rest mat.  The kids covered him up and gave him a pillow too.  They also checked on him often!  Today Chippy was way up high were I could not injure him but left us a sweet note and some hot chocolate straight from the North Pole!
Chippy in recovery!

Our thank you note!

Chippy's new safe spot!

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