Friday, October 26, 2012

SAINTS/Broncos Rivalry

All week I have been putting SAINTS things in the teacher's mailboxes at school in preparation for this weekend's game againt the Broncos.  Today they (and my class got me back!!)

I made SAINTS cookies for the staff and they decorated them with Broncos colors!

After being called away from my room for 30 minutes this morning before school started, I came back to a Broncos classroom!  One kid called it a "Broncos mess" and said we should make a "SAINTS mess" on Monday!  Be prepared...the writing on the tables and desks was in icing and when you put 5 year old and icing in the same room it doesn't matter where it is...they will eat it!

There were blue and orange streamers everywhere!

This silly Broncos pony was hanging from our screen!

Let's lick the icing off the table (I just kept least we all just had strep throat and were on an antibiotic so maybe no one will get sick from this!)

A parent e-mailed out (with the permission of our principal) for all the kids in my class to wear a Broncos shirt or blue and orange!!  I had no clue about any of this and just so happened to be wearing SAINTS gear in preparation for the big game!  The staff also all wore Broncos gear!

Icing moustache!

The Broncos class and SAINTS teacher!

This arrived in our class while we were out at recess!

This is what our poor door looked like!

My car (whose name is the SAINTS mobile) was covered in Broncos balloons and signs!

We did a graph predicting who we thought would win the game!  At the end of the day I felt victorious that the SAINTS are in the lead!!

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