Thursday, November 1, 2018

Thank you Jackson's Honest!

I wasn't really allowed to eat chips growing up because of how unhealthy they are so I never really developed a taste for them.  That was before I was introduced to Jackson's Honest!  They are a Colorado company that makes the BEST CHIPS EVER!  They slow cook them in coconut oil so not only are they good for you, they taste DELICIOUS!  They have lots of flavors (apple cider vinegar are my favorites!) and we got to try the sea salt ones in class!  Those chips had everyone chanting "WE LOVE COCONUT OIL" after trying them!  Most grocery stores in Colorado carry these chips so be on the lookout!

Here is what the kids had to say about them:

Thank you Jackson’s Honest!
Gus- I like these chips a whole lot.  They are really good.
Cooper- These are really kind of yummy.  And they make my tummy feel yummy.
Owen- These are the best chips ever!
Reese- These chips have neat salt in them!
Natalie- These are so tasty!  I like the coconut oil in them!
Levi- Thank you for my chippies!
Liam- I really like these!
Aleah- Thank you for my chips!
Sophia- I like these a lot!
Reegan- Thank you chip company for giving us the best chips ever!
Colton- These chips are super great!
Mya- You are the best chip company ever!
Love, Ms. Baker’s Class!

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