Friday, September 8, 2017

Applesauce day!

We dove straight into our Core Knowledge learning in week 2!  We got to learn about Johnny Appleseed! The kids loved hearing tales of him crawling into logs with bears, walking across the USA with a pot on his head, and planting appleseeds everywhere he went! To celebrate our learning, we had an apple tasting and made applesauce!
We chopped apples for the applesauce!

We got to create a Johnny Appleseed picture with stickers!

We illustrated and read an apple book while we waited for the applesauce to cook!

We ate applesauce with Johnny Appleseed!

We had extra applesauce so I made some applesauce muffins and apple butter for the kids to try!

Most kiddos liked red best for our apple tasting!

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