Friday, April 14, 2017


The kids and I have been having fun all week looking at pictures and videos from my trip to Uganda.  They have been loving hearing stories about the teachers and kiddos I got to work with there!

I was able to take a team of 10 teachers from Colorado over to the Iganga District of Uganda to work with teachers at a school there.  I got to work with teachers in the Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten which they call Baby class, Middle class, and Top class!  We worked on things such as phonics, phonemic awareness, critical thinking, movement, and getting books into the classroom.  I also learned from them so wonderful songs and praises to add to my own classroom as well as the importance of teaching patience!
Helping a kiddo with his letter blends!

This kiddo from the baby class was working on fine motor skills!

Recess is fun no matter where you are!

They loved when I read them stories!  No one wanted to sit down!

This little cutie was my sidekick for two weeks!

In Uganda, if you lose a tooth, the tooth rat comes and takes it and leaves behind some shillings (Ugandan money).

A highlight for me was all of the bananas!!  I had fun playing with the big bunches along with Irene, the principal of the Nursery School!

We got to take a boat tour of Lake Victoria which is the source of the Nile River.  We even got to go on the Nile and we saw a monitor lizard!

I wanted to reenact a scene from the Lion King but I didn't have a lion cub so I used a house cat!

An impromptu read aloud!

Ms. Smith and I wore our Imagine shirts one day!

On our last day there, the teachers of the nursery school threw us a jackfruit party.  Our team that was working with the primary school missed out!

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