Monday, May 9, 2016


We have had quite the learning experience with our butterflies this year.  We got baby caterpillars and watched them eat and eat and grow and grow.  Once they formed their chrysalises we moved them to their net an awaited the day when they would emerge!   At one point though, they got knocked over and 3 of the 5 chrysalises fell off.  Thanks to Ms. Stahly, we were able to talk to the experts at the Butterfly Pavilion to come up with a plan that could maybe save them.  And it worked!  We have 4 healthy butterflies.  Sadly one did not make it but we learned that we could bury it in the soil and it would provide important nutrients to the ground!  We also got to Facetime the scientists at the Butterfly Pavilion today and ask questions that we had about butterflies!  It was so fun!

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