Friday, March 11, 2016

Thank you People Towels

People Towels ( generously donated towels to our class to help us make less trash!  They can be used in our lunch boxes, at the dinner table, or instead of a paper town in the classroom after we wash our hands.  Each kid got a towel and we even had a couple extras to put by our sink!  We are so excited to make less trash!
Colten says, " These look really cool. My napkins are usually paper but now I can use these instead of wasting towels that just get thrown away!"

Cooper says, “Thank you for sending these!  If you use these they will really work!  And you don’t have to throw it away to make more trash…you can just wash it with water!”

Kailey says, “These are great!  Thank you!”

Toron says, “Thank you for the napkins.  They are so good and we don’t have to throw them away because they aren’t paper.”

Luke says, “Thank you for these because now at dinner I don’t have to use a paper napkin…I can use a reusable one!”

Logan says, “I am going to explode with happiness!”

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