Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kindergarten Superstars

On Saturday we had an amazing time singing the National Anthem at a Colorado Ice indoor football game.  The kids were AMAZING!  They were all a little nervous before they sang but afterwards they thought it was so cool.  One kid exclaimed, "Wow!  I have never done anything like that before!"  After singing we got to enjoy the game (The Ice won!)  We also got to dance on the field at halftime!  What an amazing group of superstars we have in our class!
We read a story while we waited and the visiting team came to tell us hi!

The kids did SO GOOD singing!

Hi Fives for everone afterwards!

The cheerleaders came to congratulate the kids afterwards.  The girls LOVED it.  The boys were not impressed!

The mascots came to congratulate the kids too!

We got to enjoy the game after singing!

Dancing on the field at halftime!

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