Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rainbows and the Blarney Stone

To get ready for St. Patrick's day, we learned about the colors of the rainbow. We also learned about Skittles' slogan, "Taste The Rainbow".  We decided to see if it was tur or not.  The kids had to make a rainbow out of skittles and if they had all of the colors, they could write "true" on their desk.  If they did not have all of the colors, they wrote "not true".  We learned that skittles are missing blue and indigo so it is not true!

We also learned about the Blarney Stone in Ireland.  We decorated our own rocks for luck!

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  1. Oh...I do hope you told them your BFF kissed the Blarney Stone this summer. There were 204 steps to get up to the top of the castle. Then, you had to kneel, turn around backwards, lay on your back and scoot over the edge of the castle to kiss the stone. It was very scary! But, me and Bob and my mom and dad are very brave. We all got certificates and mom got a t-shirt.