Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pie in the face contest

 Our  a pie had a fundraiser to support our Odyssey of the Mind teams.  Teachers were nominated to have a pie thrown in their face and people voted for them with money.  The top three teachers got to have a pie thrown in their face at the spaghetti dinner last night.  Unfortunately I was not one of the top three (even though I love to win!)  My kiddos didn't want to vote for me at first because they thought it was a bad thing!  The competition did get a little heated though and one teacher (who want be named) and his class (I know who you are!!) put shaving cream on our desks with a note that said, "Here is your pie!"  The kids thought it was the coolest thing ever and before I knew it, they had it all over themselves!!

At the spaghetti dinner, my friend Tonya helped me get ready to have pie in my face.  Even though I didn't win, there was a chance to nominate teachers again at the event!  Peyton and Danny from our class had the honor of throwing the pie and they did it ever so gently (thank you guys for that!)  I was a little nervous because even though I wanted to win it occurred to me that I don't like pie at all!!

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